Cell and Developmental Biology (CDB) is one of four Areas of Concentration within the Molecular and Cell Biology Field of Study. CDB provides broad training in fundamental areas of cell biology, embryonic development, and regenerative biology, and students may pursue research leading to a Masters or Ph.D. degree. Students interested in careers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries may also pursue an MS degree in Applied Biochemistry and Cell Biology in the Professional Master’s Program.

Current research interests of faculty in CDB include:

Biomolecular Markers of Cell Stress
Regulation and Biomechanics of Cell Motility
Immune Cell Signaling and Discovery of Immunomodulatory Small Molecules
Cellular Toxicology of Natural and Engineered Materials
Muscle Stem Cell Differentiation
Genetics and Biochemistry of Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis
Stem Cells in Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System