The specific courses each student takes will ultimately be determined by the student's Thesis Committee. You should form a committee as soon as possible and consult with them before registering for courses beyond the first year.

Required Courses:

MCB 5217 Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids and Proteins 1
MCB 5280 Advanced Cell Biology 2
MCB 5200 Cell Biology of the Mammalian Secretory Apparatus 2
MCB 5284 Current Topics in Cell Biology 1,2
MCB 5250 Techniques in Cellular Analysis 1
MCB 5884 MCB Research in Progress 1,2
MCB 6002 Introduction to Faculty Research 1

Other Courses:

Cell and Developmental Biology Semester Offered
MCB 3219 Developmental and Regenerative Biology 1
MCB 5210 Molecular Endocrinology 1
MCB 5240 Virology 2
MCB 5255 Cellular Immunology 2
MCB 5681 Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenicity 1
PNB 5347 Electron Microscopy 1
Biochemistry/Biophysics Semester
MCB 5001 Biochemistry 1
MCB 5002 Biochemistry Laboratory 2
MCB 5008 Theory of Biophysical Techniques 1
MCB 5011 Enzyme Structure and Function 1
MCB 5012 Foundations of Structural Biochemistry 1
MCB 5013 Structure and Function of Biological Macromolecules 2
MCB 5025 Structure and Function of Biological Membranes 2
MCB 5034 Human Disease and Metabolism 1
MCB 5038 Techniques in Structural Biology 1
MCB 5896-041 Biochemistry 1,2
MCB 5896 Introduction to Mathematical Biophysics 2
MCB 5896-059 Special Topics : Structure and Dynamics of Cellular Machines 2
Genetics Semester
MCB 5426 Genetic Engineering & Functional Genomics 1
MCB 5427 Laboratory Techniques in Functional Genomics (Lab) 2
MCB 5449 Molecular Genetics 1
MCB 5452 Problems in the Genetics of Eukaryotes 1
MCB 5454 Molecular Aspects of Genetics 2
MCB 5621 Molecular Biology and Genetics of Procaryotes 2
Seminars Semester
MCB 5250 Current Topics in Cell Biology (Journal Club) 1,2
MCB 5893 Special Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology 1
MCB 5896-051 Seminar in Genetics 1,2
MCB 5896-042 Frontiers in Applied Genomics (Seminar) 1,2

Typical First Semester Registration:

Normal load is 9 credits with no assistantship or 6 credits with an assistantship. For PhD students, there is no need to sign up for more than 6 credits. You will have plenty of credits by the time you are ready to graduate. For Plan B (non-thesis) Masters students, you would not be taking MCB 6897, but would be taking another course. Note that MCB 6897 is for non-thesis research. Once you are in a lab and have a thesis project, you will be registering for GRAD 5950 (MS) or GRAD 6950 (PhD) research credit.

MCB 5884 MCB Research in ProgressĀ  (1 credit)- This is a seminar series given by graduate students to learn the art of presenting seminars and to hear what other students are doing in the lab. Cell Biology students are required to present once each year.

MCB 6002 Introduction to Faculty Research (1 credit)- Presentations by faculty members who have openings in their labs about their research projects.

MCB 6897 Research (variable credits) – This is the course number for research credit if you have not yet chosen a lab for your thesis work. You should register for 1 credit so that you can begin a research project in a lab even if you are rotating through the lab. Once you are doing thesis research, you should sign up for GRAD 6950 (PhD) or GRAD 5950 (MS).

MCB 5217 Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids and Proteins (3 credits)This is a core course and should be taken as soon as possible

Fill in the schedule with other seminar courses (5099, 5683, 5699) or courses that are of interest to you. Remember that seminar/journal club courses can be taken multiple times since topics change from year to year. Find out what the topic is for this semester from the instructor.

Other course numbers you need to know:

GRAD 6960- You would use this number if you are a PhD student registering for credits in the summer because you are getting work study funds.
GRAD 6950- The normal course number for PhD thesis research
GRAD 5950- The normal course number for MS thesis research