Information for New MS Students

Typical First Semester Registration:

Normal load is 9 credits without an assistantship and 6 credits with an assistantship

MCB 5884 MCB Research in Progress (1 credit) Cell Biology students are required to present once each year.
MCB 6001 Introduction to MCB Research (3 credits) 
MCB 6002 Introduction to Faculty Research
(1 credit)
MCB 5217 Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids and Proteins (3 credits)
MCB 5284 Current Topics in Cell Biology (1 credit)
MCB 5250 Techniques in Cellular Analysis
(3 credits)

Fill in the schedule with other seminar courses (5099, 5683, 5699) or courses that are of interest for you. Remember that seminar/journal club courses can be taken multiple times since topics change from year to year. Find out what the topic is for this semester from the instructor.

Typical Second Semester Registration

MCB 5884 MCB Research in Progress  (1 credit)
MCB 5280 Advanced Cell Biology (3 credits, required)
MCB 5200 Cell Biology of the Mammalian Secretory Apparatus (3 credits, required)
MCB 5284 Current Topics in Cell Biology (1 credit)

Critical First Year Activities

Form an Advisory Committee: A student will formulate a committee consisting of a major advisor and two associate advisors during their first year.  The student will meet with the committee in order to get advising about courses, and the student will submit a plan of study by the end of the second semester. The student should meet with the committee at least yearly thereafter in order to keep them apprised of progress and to plan the preliminary exam.

File a Plan of Study before completing 12 credits of coursework (Graduate School Requirement)